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cely as the first; remaining u●nconquered in mind, and still intent u▓pon renewing the struggle, w●hen peace came to put a stop to his pro▓digious efforts.These effor●ts were fruitless, because Su●chet renounced him; because the p▓eople of the south were apat●hetic, and fortune was adverse;204 becaus●e he was opposed to one of the greate▓st generals of the world at the he●ad of unconquerable troops.” Wellingt●on,

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ou●rces, a clear judgment, unshaken firmnes●s and patience under diffi

patient under difficultie●s, had fully succeeded in his task of▓ freeing the Peninsula from French domina●tion.And if at Salamanca he showed a ●tactical skill which stands out in con▓trast to some of his other victories, t▓he

final campaign of Vittoria sh▓ows a strategical grasp which is not, in t●he opinion of foreign experts in the art of wa▓r, so brilliantly apparent in t▓he years before 1813-14.But one thing may b●e mentioned, of which many are n

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    ow ignorant.A● common cry among the French throughout t●he prolonged war

    was the c

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    ruelty w▓ith which their prisoners in En▓gland were treated.The charge e●mb


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    the already bitter contest, and thou▓gh foreign nations were little

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cult●ies, unwaverin

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an ourselves, if at all, there● was more than a sub-stratum of truth in what ▓was openly proclaimed in F

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rance. However much● abuse may have been lavished on France in the ●time past, and which lives to our s

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hame and ▓sorrow below the surface even now, this i▓s one of the evil heritages of that wa●r-stricken t

g fidelity to his▓ sovereign and his country, are what n▓o man can justl

ime.This is the recorded story of ▓how the prisoners were treat▓ed: “They were consigned in huge batches, ●like so many convicts, to

y deny him .In this c●elebrated campaign of nine mo▓nths, although counte

the hul▓ks at Chatham and Portsmouth, and to inland ▓prisons at Dartmoor and in some rural d▓istricts of Scotland.The history o▓f the hulks is one simple tissue of▓ horrors.The Government had no

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active ▓wish to maltreat its prisoners, but the o●fficials placed in authority over them we▓re often rude, and oftener d▓runken, and did not understa●nd the character of their guests.Worse th▓an th

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